About Us

Based in Aberdeen, Prism Energy is an industry leading Project Management consultancy, operating in the Energy industry. Our Consultants have decades of experience between them, working for and on behalf of north sea operators, service companies, and offshore wind developments.  


From its inception in 2015, Prism Energy has had a presence in the heart of Aberdeen, with a key focus on delivering energy industry project management expertise to the market. 

Its founder ‘Andy Sutherland’ came from a project management background and recognised the need to deliver a range of services to help with project delivery. Chief among which is Prism energy’s project management consultancy offerings. Where Prism Energy consultants draw upon years of experience working in the energy sector to support a whole host of unique projects.

A picture showing prism energys risk management system on a desktop monitor.
Prism System is a Risk Management and Project Management Software Solution

Prism Apps which launched in 2016 was designed to make projects inclusive. The software, which is cloud based is specifically designed to support projects of any size from anywhere. 

While remaining a small business, Prism Energy has seen increased growth of late moving offices twice since mid 2022 to accommodate employee expansion.

Currently you can find us at 25 Rubislaw Terrace, Aberdeen. 

What We Do

Prism Energy brings both consultancy services and Project Management Software to industry.

Prism Energy consultants have specialist expertise and experience working on a wide variety of projects across the energy industry, expertise includes – 

  • Managing full scopes for clients.
  • Project Support Services, including but not limited to the, Management of Risks, Planning and Cost Management, and Lessons learned.
  • Extensive experience working on large scale offshore/onshore decommissioning projects, subsea projects, topside projects, and offshore wind developments.

The Prism System (Prism Apps) is designed specifically to connect all those involved on a project, including project teams, management or external stakeholders. 

Centred around a modular setup, clients can subscribe to several different modules depending on their specific needs. Each module can be tailored by our in house software team to support the exact needs and desires of our clients.

Modules include – 

  • Risk Management
  • Lessons Learned 
  • Management of Change 
  • Interface Query 
  • Technical Query
  • IC Observation Tool


Our software is cloud based meaning, only an internet connection is required to utilise it, paving the way for maximum operational inclusivity. While, a built in audit system allows for user interaction tracking providing admins with live information about their teams progress.

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