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RELAY – Project Action Tracker


This is the first in a series of posts to help explain the benefits, functions & potential uses of the RELAY action tracking system.

Let’s keep things simple.

Relay is an action tracking system but what is an action? An action is a task or activity that needs to be completed.

Ok, so what is an action tracker? It’s a list of all the actions & activities that need completed in order to complete a project. Pretty simple really.

Why is an action tracker important for successful project management? Keeping an action tracker helps control issues that come up and provides a record of ongoing tasks. It also identifies who will be doing the task and when it needs to be completed by.

Why should you use RELAY as your project action tracker? Let’s look at an example –

You’re running a project that has design, procurement & installation activities. You’ve got a team of people from different departments that are all working to deliver the project on time and have a range of tasks & actions that need to be completed.

RELAY logs all the actions that the team needs to do in a simple table that shows who has to do the action and by when.

The system allocates unique ID numbers to actions so that they can be tracked till closure, this saves you time and makes sure your actions are properly organised.

The system is cloud based and constantly backed up so there’s no risk of lost or corrupted data.

Obviously communication is key in all projects and RELAY helps out here too by emailing reminders and notifications on actions.

The dashboard is populated automatically and shows a summary of how your team is performing. It’s also a helpful summary that can be used in reports and presentations. It covers the amount of actions that you have, who has them and in what areas they apply to.





It’s as simple as that. Action tracking made easy by RELAY.

The best bit is simple doesn’t mean expensive. The system is available from as little as £4 per user/month.