Prism Energy Pilots New Worksite Safety App As A Result of DigitalBoost Development Grant

Prism Energy, an Aberdeen-based project & risk management consultancy to the energy sector, announces today (Monday 7th February) that it has successfully developed and is piloting a new risk management app, following a successful grant of over £14,000 from the DigitalBoost Development Grant.

The DigitalBoost Development Grant is funded by The Scottish Government to help businesses become more competitive, productive, resilient, and drive forward. Economy Secretary Kat Forbes announced an additional £25 million fund in August 2021 to support economic recovery and help businesses utilise digital technologies and enhance workforce skills.

The successful five-figure funding has enabled the Hill of Rubislaw consultancy to design and develop the new ‘IC Digital Observation System’. The new app will allow companies to improve how they report, monitor & action worksite safety issues and can be deployed across the energy sector by operators, drillers, subsea, onshore, topsides and warehouses.

The app is currently being run as a pilot in partnership with Cesscon Decom, with live trials ongoing at its decommissioning yard at Energy Park Fife.

Andy Sutherland, Managing Director of Prism Energy, says, “We were delighted to secure this significant funding from the Scottish Government and as a result, have been able to add a new safety observation module to our existing system. It’s the biggest addition to the system we’ve have carried out and will be ready for general release early in February 2022. The support came at a time when looking at how we move forward during a global pandemic with limited resources and access to funding was difficult. As a software-based consultancy, we always look at how we can best utilise technology to digitalise key elements of common process to enable companies to be more efficient and ultimately save time & money.”

Andy continues, “We look forward to the live trials with our pilot partner CessCon and thank them for trusting in us to deploy our newly developed app alongside the rest of our management system, which is currently being used to help manage risk, actions, lessons learned & other key parts of their processes.”