Action Tracking

Our action tracking system is easily configured for individual companies and can be used to manage actions in all business areas.

Our system is a step change from managing actions on a spreadsheet

System Features

  • Promotes collaboration
  • Keeps all company actions in one location
  • Allows notifications for ease of use
  • Provides visibility of actions being taken
  • Ensures accountability
Action tracking flowchart, action tracking diagram

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Case Study

Industry – SME


  • Prism systems action tracking system used across company.


  • Improved communication and management of tasks and actions.
  • Reassurance that tasks are allocated and done in a timely manner.
  • Dashboard allows numbers to be viewed at a glance.


“Prism does exactly what we need it to do, it is simple to use and all the staff are able to use it with ease.”

“The fact that all actions are in one place ensured the team were able to prioritise at a glance.“

“The dashboard allowed us to keep track of who had what actions and the stages they were at.”


Maybe the first question should be – what is an action?

An action is something that somebody needs to do and generally by a certain date.

There are many examples of actions:

  • John needs to prepare a plan by the 11th May
  • Mary need to arrange a meeting to discuss risks by the 22nd October
  • Brian needs to buy bananas at the shops today!

Action management is the process of tracking how people are progressing with their actions.