RELAY – Shutdown Action Trackers

Next up in the series highlighting potential uses of the RELAY online action tracking system. Remember, these are only suggestions and the system can be used to track any and all types of actions & tasks.

Shutdown Action Tracker

This time we’re looking at using the system to track actions for a platform shutdown.

As with all activities the success (or failure) of platform shutdowns comes down to planning & interfacing which generates questions.

Normally these questions & actions are managed on a spreadsheet and discussed on a weekly basis with the onshore & offshore teams who are developing the plan.

What’s wrong with this? Nothing, but it can be much better..

How about using a purpose designed that improves communications, monitors progress & is a much safer and more secure platform than a spreadsheet?

How does it work?

Actions are entered into the system and allocated unique id numbers.

The action owner is automatically emailed a notifcation

Updates can be entered at anytime and all changes are recorded so that the system is fully auditable.

Users can log in from any location – onshore, offshore or on the move.

Actions can be allocated to themes, departments or companies.

The RELAY dashboard gives a quick simple summary of the amount of actions, who owns the actions, overdue actions & action themes.

Who would use it & why

Shutdown co-coordinators & managers. RELAY would be a great tool to manage all the actions related to the shutdown, improving communications with both onshore & offshore teams & reducing meeting times.

Offshore teams. The system removes any lost information as it is fully auditable meaning the history of any action can be reviewed.

Suppliers & Vendors. RELAY opens up collaboration between companies in a secure and simple way.

Onshore engineering teams. RELAY is a live system 24 hours a day meaning updates can be shared instantly with everyone.

Why not give it a go for you’re next shutdown. Prices start from £4/user per month and the first month is always a free trial.