Risk Management

Management of risk is essential for the success of all activities that businesses undertake. In addition to the risk management software solutions developed by Prism Energy, we also supply Risk Management Consultancy with fully experienced risk management consultants to help businesses fulfill their objectives.

What can we do to help?

Prism Energy

We have experience in project risk management, business risk management, and HSE risk management as well as the development of bespoke risk management systems.

Risk management is the identification, assessment & control of risks that relate to activity.

Risks exist in every activity that is undertaken and can be categorised as either threats (negative) or opportunities (positive).

Effective risk management enhances the opportunities & reduces the impact of threats, to maximise the chance of success.

To learn more about how our Risk Management Consultancy can help your project or business get in touch today.

Risk Management Consultancy | Prism Energy

Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA)

Schedule risk analysis is a process to help you fully understand your schedule. Include uncertainty and risks in your schedule to generate P10, P50 and P90 scenarios using Monte Carlo Analysis.

Schedule Risk Analysis is beneficial for all types of projects and shutdowns/TARs.

Our analysis will also provide information to help improve your chances of success. 

Risk Management Consultancy | Offshore Project |Prism Energy
Risk Management Consultancy | Offshore Project |Prism Energy

Cost Risk Analysis (CRA)

Cost Risk Analysis is a process to help you fully define your budgets and estimates. Include uncertainty and risk in your estimates to help define suitable contingency levels.

Understanding the potential ranges of your cost estimate will allow you to define a suitable level of contingency that takes into account the key areas of uncertainty and risk. Our analysis will also create tornado charts and distribution profiles to highlight the areas with the biggest impact to the overall estimate. This will allow you to focus resources in the areas that will have the biggest cost impact.