Introducing multiple risk matrices to Prism Apps

We’re constantly looking to take onboard client feedback and make positive upgrades to Prism Apps. We’re delighted to introduce multiple risk matrices to the risk management module, a highly requested feature. This update allows users to develop separate risk matrices in order to streamline the risk management process.


Designed to allow for more in depth analysis of risks, the introduction of multi matrices give clients the opportunity to view all risks equally. For example, risks associated with smaller projects which may have a high impact (to that project), but don’t have a high impact on larger projects or the company as a whole, can be viewed on a project specific matrix to ensure the significance of these risks aren’t overlooked or neglected from a micro and macro level.

These risks can still be viewed on the company risk matrix. However, they will be scored against higher impact risks, so their overall impact will be reduced on the company matrix. 


  • Micro risks can be rescored and viewed accurately 
  • No limit on the amount of extra matrices
  • Reduced prep time for risk reviews
  • Stronger user experience
  • Focus in on specific projects by creating project specific risk matrices
  • No extra cost

and more……..

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