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Manage all your project needs with Prism Energy.

Industry-leading Project Management solutions for Risk Management, Action Tracking, Lessons Learned, Management of Change and more.

Combined with our expert consultancy services we can create a comprehensive package to ensure your project runs smoothly.

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Who are Prism Energy?

Based in Aberdeen, Prism Energy are an independent consultancy providing support services to help ensure successful scope delivery for companies operating in multiple sectors. We combine consultancy and software solutions to support projects and companies of all sizes.

Prism Energy

The Prism System

Prism Systems have been specifically designed to be user friendly and easy to understand. The cloud based system allows ease of access no matter the location. We have a suite of systems to ensure that your projects are managed effectively, including Risk Management, Lessons Learned, MOC and Action Tracking. The system has already been adopted by clients of all sizes and for various types of projects and continues to help provide success.

Modules Available:

Consultancy Services

At Prism we can help you improve your project delivery or complete them for you. We have a range of experienced consultants who can advise on all project areas including Project Management & Risk Management. Our unique combination of consultancy & digital systems allows us to work collaboratively with you to deliver real cost savings for your projects & activities.

Prism System is a Risk Management and Project Management Software Solution

Our System

• Saves time and money
• Provides transparency
• Ensures accountability and auditability
• Easy to use and your teams will love it
• Allows high visibility via reporting

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• Improved Performance
• Fully Quality Checked
• Experienced Consultants
• Consistent Delivery

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We are proud to serve a large variety of industries and sectors, including:

•  Oil & Gas
•  Renewables
•  Construction
•  Net Zero

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