Management Of Change

Our cloud-based Management of change (MOC) system manages change in a simple to use automated system. It is a fully customisable MOC system that tracks progress & alerts users.

Identify, review, approve & monitor management of change across your business. Totally secure & simple to use, the system can be set up to match any companies requirements, offering a strong alternative to managing change on a spreadsheet.

MOC System Features

  • Ensures visibility of all MOC
  • It is a centralised system to track MOC
  • Allows any MOC to be viewed quickly
  • Provides accountability and certainty
  • Keeps all MOC Auditable
MOC Process

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Management of change (MOC) is a systematic approach to organisational changes with the aim of ensuring the continued safety of the workforce throughout the process. These systematic processes ensures that the change is dealt with in a proactive fashion.

Case Study

Industry – Renewables


  • Prism systems MOC used to track any changes.


  • Allowed changes to be seen and accepted by multiple people.
  • Ensured correct processes were being followed.
  • Helped create a culture of accountability in regards to change.


“The system was easy to use and ensured that all changes were in one place and easy to manage.”

“Using the system allowed us to be able to quickly implement changes without lengthy email chains etc.”

“Every change was easily passed up the chain to the reviewers and approver and led to good efficiency and more changes being made.”